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Aug 07, 2019 · WP/D meters (Cold, Hot & BMF) are mechanical flanged turbine meters equipped with customers choice of ANSI 150lb or DIN PN-16 Flange Drillings. Cold Water Meters are rated to 122°F/50°C Hot Water Meters are rated to 266°F/130°C Available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2 to 12 (BMF 2 to 8 only)


Water Meters conforming to ISO 4064 Class B Standard, Mechanical Type, Heavy Duty Brass Body water meter with Screwed/ Threaded Ends, Brass Registration box Cover, Inferential Type, Magnetically Coupled, Super Dry Dial with IP 68 Protection Class, Straight Reading in KiloLitres, designed for Horizontal flow installation only. Fire Pump Testing - Hose Valve Manifold vs Flow Meter Apr 16, 2014 · This week we embark on a two-part segment where well cover fire pump testing, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of two different methods of testing water flow during a fire pump test:external water flow through a hose valve manifold on the exterior of a building, versus a flow meter recirculating loop within the mechanical room.

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Fill-Rite 800c Series 50 PSI Basic Meter. $220.00 New. PRM 5-40 GPM Rotameter Viton Seals 1 FNPT Connect Water Flow Meter. $62.99 New. Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flowmeter High Temp Transducer Dn25-100mm. $310.50 New. GF SIGNET George Fisher 3-5500 35500 Flow Meter KEP Meter ST1-MANIFOLD-FC 2 Indonesia Industrial PartsTranslate this pageApr 08, 2017 · KEP Meter ST1-MANIFOLD-FC 2. KEP Meter ST1-MANIFOLD-FC 2 Channel Manifold Controller and Flow Computer can monitor the actual sum of two flow rates and two totals of any liquid. (Common applications include compound flowmeters) Flow alarms are provided via relays and data logging is available via analog (4-20mA) and serial outputs.

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Stainless Steel Manifold Replacement Flowmeter. Manifold Replacement Flowmeters are available for 1 in. Stainless Steel Manifold (0-2 GPM) and 1-1/2 in. Hi Flow Stainless Steel Manifold (0-4 GPM). Literature. Literature. Brochure - Stainless Steel Manifolds. Flyer - Stainless Steel Manifolds Mechanical Flowmeter at Best Price in IndiaCE-104 Analog Mechanical Flow Meter, Flow Rate:0 to 120 L/min. 10,999. Chintan Engineers. Analog Mechanical Fuel Flow Meter, Line Size:1- 4 Inch. 8,100. Flowtech Measuring Instruments Private Limited. IFM SBY346 Flow Meter. 23,500. Accrete Automation India Private Limited.

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SMARTFLOW ® Mechanical Flowmeters are durable, vane operated devices that provide visual indication of flowrate. Rugged wetted parts are compatible with many process liquids. Optional temperature and pressure gauges add functionality and flexibility. Brass quick-connect fittings are available on smaller flowmeters to create an excellent Mechanical Water Flow Meters - Transducer TechnologyTrantech TTMJV-B Multi-Jet Water Meter. Register sealed type:Dry type; Semi-dry type;Super-dry type. Accuracy:R=80; 100; 125; 160. Size:15-50mm. Cold / Hot water. Non return valve. Reed switch option. Several lengths and connections available on request.

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Optimized for cooling water flow monitoring. These variable area flowmeters have maximum flow options between 0.5 - 160 GPM. They are installed in-line in any position. Straight pipe runs before or after the meter are not required. The simple mechanical connection directly drives pointers, switches and transmitters. Cooling water applications. Product Categories Dwyer InstrumentsWater Meters Water Meters are sensors that indicate flow totalization of water. Available are local and remote inidication models. Dwyer's multi-jet models are economical and dry dials. Each meter applies to different applications. Dwyer water meters are designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation, even under harsh conditions.

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Smartflow Water Manifolds. Smartflow Aluminium Manifolds offer the highest quality at very competitive prices. With no welds and an anodized finish our manifolds offer customers years of trouble free service. Large stocks are available or we can manufacture to your own specification. Standard P&ID Symbols Legend Industry Standardized Mechanical Link Soldered/ Solvent Blind Disc Spectacle Blind Interchangeable Blind Open Disc Orifice Plate Valve Manifold T T 50 TI TT TR TC LI PI 65 LT 65 LR 65 LC 55 PT 55 PR 55 PC 105 PIC 40 PRC 25 LA FE TE LG AT P 1 S P X X S D R Indicator Water Flow Meter Self-Operating Release Valve TEMA TYPE BEM Spray Cooler Shell and Tube Heat 3

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Flow meters Non-Mechanical Flow Meters Performance requirements and operating conditions Eg, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic flow meter etc To be used, only where water quality is free of any material that would adversely affect the performance and life expectancy of the non mechanical flow meter. Table 1:Non Mechanical flow meter requirements Transforming Mechanical Meters into Smart Water MetersThe answer is to attach a digital metering device to the mechanical meter, effectively transforming it into an electronic data collecting, wirelessly communicating smart water meter. To do this, you need a smart water metering device and a sensor. Most common mechanical meters produced over the past 20 years have a form of data output.

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Vane Flow Meters for Water - local display of flow rate with inexpensive addition of mechanical switches and transmitters. 1/4" - 1" Variable Area Vane-Style Flowmeter for 0.5 - 20 GPM Water (SN) The SN series has the following characteristics and/or options:Maximum flow rates from 0.5 - 20 GPM. Brass construction. Water Flow Control Manifolds Products & Suppliers Description:For use in robot spot welding systems in the automotive industry Reliable detection of lost tips, burst pipes and leakage in the cooling system With flow meter to detect the amount of cooling water Pressure sensor for recognizing a sudden drop in pressure For controlling. Application:Water, Coolant Integral Manifold Valves:Yes

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Description:For use in robot spot welding systems in the automotive industry Reliable detection of lost tips, burst pipes and leakage in the cooling system With flow meter to detect the amount of cooling water Pressure sensor for recognizing a sudden drop in pressure With cooling water. Application:Water, Coolant Integral Manifold Valves:YesMechanical Flowmeter Flowmeters - Liquid Flow Meters Mechanical Flowmeter Flowmeters. 393 products. A liquid flow meter from Grainger can help easily monitor liquid flow rates for water, fuels, viscous fluids and more. Check out this selection to find flow meters that can handle petroleum products, nonpotable water and compatible chemicals for fuel-dispensing pumps and industrial flow measurement. Shop at Grainger first for a wide range of liquid flow meters to help you regulate the flow of water,