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Accurate Pitot Tube Flowmeter for Precise Measurements

1,649 pitot tube flowmeter products are offered for sale by suppliers on , of which flow meters accounts for 3%. A wide variety of pitot tube flowmeter options are available to you, such as variable area water flowmeters, variable area air & gas flowmeters. You can also choose from oem pitot tube flowmeter There are 61 suppliers who

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Online calculator to quickly determine Steam Flow Rate through Piping. Includes 53 different calculations. Equations displayed for easy reference. Choosing the Best Type of Flow Meter for Your Application

  • How to Choose The Right Flow MeterDifferentiating Between Volumetric vs. Mass FlowComparing Flow Meter TypesFlow Meter Price, Performance & PopularityFinal WordsSimply put, a flow meteris a device that measures the flow of materialtypically either liquids or gasesthrough a pipe. The flow meter then calculates the volume and flow rate of the product, referred to as the fluid, being measured. Flow meters are, however, more complicated in practice. For one, no two metersare exactly alike. Depending on application and metering needs, you may have several meter options or a single very specific one from which to choose. Complicating things further are the many extCoriolis Flow Meter Principles Emerson USCoriolis Flow Meter Principles. The basic operation of Coriolis flow meters is based on the principles of motion mechanics. As fluid moves through a vibrating tube it is forced to accelerate as it moves toward the point of peak-amplitude vibration. Conversely, decelerating fluid moves away from the point of peak amplitude as it exits the tube.


    • Kobold Flow InstrumentationFlow MeasurementMonitoring Flow in Industrial ApplicationsCommon Industrial ApplicationsCommon Application MediaKOBOLD Instruments has developed a wide variety of flowmeters, flow regulators, flow indicators, flow switches, flow monitors, and flow sensors. Our flow instrumentation line offers a wide variety of technologies such as:variable area, ultrasonic, mass flow, thermal dispersion, turbine, electromagnetic, vortex, oval gear, positive displacement, differential pressure, Coriolis, helical or screw gear, rotameter, rotary piston, baffle plate, calorimetric, paddle wheel, and multi-parameter meters. Many models are offTurbine Flow Meters for Clean Oil - Flowmeters Turbine flowmeters measure the velocity of liquids, gases and vapors in pipes, such as hydrocarbons, chemicals, water, cryogenic liquids, air, and industrial gases. High accuracy turbine flowmeters are available for custody transfer of hydrocarbons and natural gas. These flowmeters often incorporate the functionality of a flow computer to Flow Meters Yokogawa AmericaFlow meters are used to measure the volumetric or mass flow rate of a liquid or gas. Yokogawa's range of flow meter instruments include vortex, magnetic, variable area, Coriolis, and differential pressure flow meters. Flow Meter Product Family = best choice; = possible

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      Flow measurement, flow control and flow sensors from Kobold. Flow measurement of liquids takes place in the industry on various physical bases. On one hand, the flow rate of a liquid or gas can be directly determined by means of a flow sensor. On the other hand, it can be controlled and monitored by a measuring transducer. Flowmeter Supplier Philippines Coriolis Flowmeter, Air A Vortex flow meter measures flows of liquids, gases and steam by sending the frequency at which vortices are alternately shed from a bluff body. The frequency at which the vortices are alternately shed is directly proportional to the flow velocity.

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      Flowmeters, and sensors are used to measure the volumetric or mass flow rate of a liquid or a gas. We have the appropriate flow instruments for your flow measurement needs. Choose from a variety of variable area flow meters (rotameters) and electrical flow meters including gas mass, differential pressure, turbine, paddle-wheel sensors, gear, ultrasonic, magnetic, Coriolis, and vortex meters. Gas Flow Meters & Mass Controllers Sierra InstrumentsUltra Low-Flow Digital Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers. Measure and control flow rates down to 0.1 sccm (smlm) Increase efficiency with true, digital high-performance; Navigate easily with large multifunction display interface; Save time by making adjustments in the field; Configure up to 10 gasses with one instrument

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      For steam flows, our ALVT Series vortex flowmeters provide a low-cost, reliable solution. For legacy replacement of older technology mechanical meters, our ALTM Series turbine flow meters, ALPD Series positive displacement flowmeters, and ALVAMT variable area flowmeters are offered. Malema Sensors. Malema Flow MetersThe M-10000 Paddlewheel flow meters are smaller, easier to install, and more accurate than ever before. Optional outputs such as 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, or pulse are available. In addition, M-10000 can also be used as an adjustable flow switch. These flow meters are available in both metal and plastic configurations. Call for pricing.

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      For simple and cost-effective flow measurement of gases or liquids without auxiliary power. Glass and metal tube purgemeters for low-flow applications <DN15 / ½ Glass and metal tube process meters up to DN150 / 6" Optional electronics:limit switches, analogue outputs, digital communication Rotating Vane Flowmeter and Switches KOBOLD USAABOUT KOBOLD USA. For decades, KOBOLD has been a world leader in process measurement and control solutions. We offer one of the industrys broadest lines of sensors, switches and transmitters to measure and control flow, pressure, level and temperature.

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      Dec 17, 2014 · flow meter gas liquid steam, flow meter gas liquid . Low flow & small line sizes. The EL 500 Series flow meters allow accurate flow measurement in small lines sizes with very low flow rates. This meter series has five different sizes ranging between 1/8 to 3/4 inch. The flow tube is 316 stainless steel with NPT, ASIS 316 UNI 338 male threaded, Stainless steel flow meter, Stainless steel flowmeter Process pressure:0 psi - 1,450 psi. Process temperature:-10 °C - 70 °C. Volumetric flow rate:0 l/min - 1,670 l/min. This product, the Porter Digital Series 500 Mass Flowmeters is designed to handle flow rates and operating pressures identical to those of the 100 Series MFMs.

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        • Flow Metering Principals. Differential Pressure Flow meters. Velocity Flow meters. Positive Differential Pressure Flow Meters. In a differential pressure drop device the flow is calculated by Orifice Plate. With an orifice plate, the fluid flow is measured through the difference in pressure from Venturi Tube. Due to simplicity and dependability, the Venturi tube flowmeter is often used in Flow Nozzles. Flow nozzles are often used as measuring elements for air and gas flow in industrial Recovery of Pressure Drop in Orifices, Nozzles and Venturi Meters. After the pressure difference Variable Area Flowmeter or Rotameter. The rotameter consists of a vertically oriented glass (or Velocity Flowmeters. In a velocity flowmeter the flow is calculated by measuring the speed in one or Pitot Tubes. The pitot tube are one the most used (and cheapest) ways to measure fluid flow, Calorimetric Flowmeter. The calorimetric principle for fluid flow measurement is based on two Flow Meters Yokogawa Electric CorporationThe Coriolis flow meter has many features such as direct measurement of mass flow and measurement of fluid density, which other flow meters do not support. Therefore, since being introduced for practical use in the late 1970s, its market has rapidly expanded in Ultrasonic Flow Meters - RS HydroThe non-contact ultrasonic flow meter is a non-invasive flow meter available in two formats:transit time and doppler. Both technologies feature clamp on designs with transducer arrangements that can detect in-situ flow rates from outside the pipework, without any interruption to flow or process.

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          Feb 15, 2021 · Liquid flow measurement is usually measured in cubic meters/second, gallons/minute, and units of cubic feet/second. There you go, an overview of a flow meter. It is a unique device for measuring gas flow rate, steam, or liquid that goes inside a pipe. air Methane Vortex steam flow meter gas flow meter with Vortex Flow Meter Natural Gas Flowmeter Indicator . vortex flow meter . Product Introduction. vortex flow meter with RS 485 or HART protocol is based on Carmen (Karman) vortex principle, it can measure the gas, steam or volume flow rate of the liquid, volume flow of standard conditions . or mass flow .Also it can be applied as a flow transmitter for automation and control systems.

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          Process-proven flow meters. For maximum repeatability and reliability. As one of the pioneering manufacturers in variable area (VA) flow meter (rotameter) technology, Brooks Instrument has created a diverse and proven portfolio of gas flow meters, installed and in use across virtually every industry. From inline to low volume flow meters Brooks offers high-performance gas and water flow measurement