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CN105257556B - A kind of filling LNG low temperature

LNG is to be cooled to -162 DEG C by gaseous natural gas at ambient pressure, is allowed to condense into liquid.After natural gas liquefaction Very big storage and transportation space and cost can be saved, and have the characteristics that calorific value is big, performance is high.In LNG filling gas station equipments, liquid of diving Pump pond is the important motivity device LNG of low

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S = Stainless Steel FM Series Parker FM Series receptacle are designed for rigid mounting on a compressed natural gas vehicle. Receptacle can be employed in both fast-fill and time-fill despensing application. The NGV1/ANSI standard used by FM Series receptacles, allows vehicle fueling to be accomplished with all CNG nozzles, conforming to CNG Natural Gas Hoses, Fittings, Filters, Fuel Dispensing From engineered components for LNG, LPG, and CNG fuel dispensing system solutions, natural gas hoses, CNG fittings, receptacles, filters and fueling nozzles, to high-pressure, solenoid, two-way and gas shutoff valves, find out about all the Parker CNG Fuel Products available. continuous length stainless steel tube that comes sealed with a

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A complete line of NGV1 profile nozzles (type 1, type 2, type 3) for time-fill, fast-fill; overnight and home fueling devices are available for filling public and private CNG vehicles, shuttle buses, vans, automobiles, alternative fuel vehicles. WEH Components for CNG Car dispensing systems feature:- High-flow self-service filling nozzles (type 1 nozzles, type 2 nozzles, type 3 nozzles, NGV1 CNG Vehicle and Fueling Products from Parker's Quick on a compressed natural gas vehicle. Receptacles can be employed in both fast-fill and time-fill dispensing applications. FMS Series receptacles are compatible with all CNG fueling nozzles conforming to the ANSI/NGV1 standards. Features: FMS receptacles

CNG fueling nozzle - TK22N CNG - WEH GmbH - natural gas

To refuel buses and trucks at car filling stations with NGV1-standard / ISO 14469 fuelling nozzles, WEH has developed the TK22N CNG adaptor nozzle. The TK22N CNG adaptor nozzle is pushed straight onto the receptacle of the bus or truck. The pressure-tight connection is established. China LNG Stainless Steel LNG Filling Nozzle Refuel Nozzle China LNG Stainless Steel LNG Filling Nozzle Refuel Nozzle, Find details about China LNG Filling Points, Stainless Steel LNG Filling Nozzle from LNG Stainless Steel LNG Filling Nozzle Refuel Nozzle - Sichuan Mayflower Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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ST-73 Stainless Steel Suttner Foamer (Black, Red & Blue) This foamer features an outlet nozzle that can operate in either vertical or horizontal positions with a metering valve for chemical mix settings. The easy to fill, wide mouth bottle has fill/mix markings on the side and grip for simple bottle changing. Contact Us - Sichuan Mayflower Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.Sichuan Mayflower Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., LNG Filling Points&LNG Coupling, Stainless Steel LNG Filling Nozzle, Filling Nozzle Equipment manufacturer / supplier in China, offering LNG Filling Equipment (filling gun), Automobile Gas Cylinder LNG Vent Receptacle, Automobile Instrument System Teaching Board Education Equipment and so on.

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Our filling nozzles, have been designed to prevent drips and cut off liquid flow precisely and cleanly. Our products, which are fashioned from superior-quality 316L stainless steel and specialty alloys, last long and can perform even in extreme conditions. More importantly, they are responsive when installed alongside automatic filling and Economic Commission for Europe - UNECEThe filling nozzle and receptacle are a closed system. During filling there is no vapor. (With diesel vapor will come out of the tank during filling of the open system). There is a check valve (non return valve) in the receptacle. 18 4.76. "LNG filling receptacle" means device connected to a

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The nozzle only has to be placed onto the receptacle and the clamping jaws close. Disconnection is effected by pulling back the grip sleeve. Fueling nozzle for CNG fast filling of buses and trucks to be used with WEH® Receptacles acc. to NGV1 standard and ISO 14469. Operation only by specially trained service personnel. Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles Selection Guide

  • FeaturesTypesSpecificationsStandardsTypically, liquid fueling nozzles and receptacles are used with fossil fuels such as:1. leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel, and kerosene 2. biodiesel fuels made from plant matter 3. alcohol fuels such as methanol, ethanol, and butanol 4. liquid hydrogen Some fueling nozzles and receptacles for gaseous fuels (fuel gas) are designed for use with coal gas, a flammable fuel that is also known as town gas, manufactured gas, syngas, and producer gas. Other fueling nozzles and receptacles are used with gasCNG Refueling Components - WEHWEH has been developing alternative fuel components since 1986. Nowadays, a complete range of products for Natural gas vehicle fueling at the retail, fleet (high-capacity), and mass transit (ultra-high-capacity) is available:from receptacles and check valves in light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles to fueling nozzles, filling hoses, breakaway-couplings and filters for fueling stations.

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    Find Fueling Nozzles and Receptacles on GlobalSpec by specifications. Fueling nozzles and receptacles are components that attach to either the fuel source or the receiving tank to permit the transfer of liquid or gaseous fuels. They are designed for use with fuel dispensing equipment. JC Carter LLC LNG Couplings - Rackspace TechnologyThis will stop the flow and the nozzle will unlock from the receptacle. The Refueling Receptacle:JC Carter model 62050 is the mating receptacle portion of the LNG fueling coupling. The receptacle mounts to the vehicle as described on pages 10-12 of this manual. The receptacle contains an independent primary shut-off valve.

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    Protective Rubber Dust Caps included with all OPW L series receptacles.; Connects with CC200, CC300, CC600 and CT1000 Series NGV1 CNG Nozzles High-Flow Capacity The L Series receptacles have much larger flow capacity than conventional receptacles. The flow path allows very high flows, combined with low pressure drop and enhanced resistance to hydrate formation. LNG Liquefied Natural Gas is the efficient new green Male Fuelling Receptacle with inlet 3/4 NPTF LNG Fill Connections. rego-europe.de Page 8 Page 9 Part Number:13990 Fuelling Nozzle Receptacle Flow capacity 50 GPM Male Fuelling Receptacle M30x1.5 Stainless Steel connections 5/8 45° SAE Part Number:CHS-440-440-096

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    Main Technial Parameters of LNG Nozzles:Media:LNG, LN2 and other cryogenic liquid. Rated flow:190L/min. Max outlet pressure:1.7MPa. Max working pressure:3.5MPa. Bursting pressure:10.35Mpa. Operate temperature:-196°c-+80°c. Injector size:39.5mm. Advantages:Designs ingeniously, easy operate, it can finish the LNG tank filling in 5min, even shorter; Macro - Rego ProductsLiquefied natural gas, or LNG, is natural gas that has been converted temporarily to liquid form for ease of storage or transport. Natural gas is condensed into a liquid at approximately -258°F (-161°C) under normal atmospheric pressure. LNG takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state. Hazards include flammability,

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    LNG FILL CONNECTIONS 13685 Dock, Fuelling Nozzle Receptacle 50 GPM 14237 Dock, Fuelling Nozzle Receptacle 50 GPM Stainless Steel connections - 11910-144 1" ID Bulk Hose - liquid line 144" (3,60m) Stainless Steel connections - 11910-180 1" ID Bulk Hose - liquid line 180" (4,50m) Stainless Steel connections - nozzle filling valves, nozzle filling valves Suppliers and New Cylinder Filling Nozzle(lpg nozzles, lpg cylinder valve) Parameter:Nominal pressure:2.5Mpa Body Testing Pressure:3.75Mpa High pressure Sealing Testing Pressure:2.75Mpa Thread Connection:M20×1.5 Suitable temperature -40~+80 Nominal Length with Delivery PipeL=2000mm Material:Alloy Steel Suitable Medium:LPG, LNG, Ammonia etc.

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    LG Series Nozzle and Receptacle Parkers Kodiak Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Coupling was designed for fueling LNG vehicles. It offers easy single action connection with integral shut-off valves and hose swivel. Its design provides a thermal break to reduce freezing of the locking mechanism. The rugged Kodiak nozzle and receptacle wear surfaces are